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Hello! My name is Dr. Nameeta. I’ve been passionate about makeup and skincare but never found the right way to channelise and grow this passion!

As times went by and my knowledge grew I understood that I have the ability to combine my medical knowledge with my passion and help out people.

Why I started this?

Being a consumer, I understand the need to research first and then decide to invest in makeup and skincare.

For years, I’ve been doing an extensive research in finding the right ingredients, the right shades and the right formula.

My medical knowledge helps me identify what substances cause allergies, what level of exfoliation is harmful and what substance need to be taken internally to get beautiful skin and hair.

I understand it’s a never ending process but I want to help by putting my work out there!

I try everything on myself, experiment and then review, because I love doing this.

I want to build a community that believes in feeling good from the inside and outside as both these elements are equally important.

I believe in fixing things and finding a solution, a real one not a temporary fix!

I am searching for people who feel this, who really want to grow by helping each other out, not by pulling each other down. So, if you’re one of us, who feels the need to spread love and positivity along with feeling good on the inside and outside then you must join me and my friends!

You can DM me on instagram anytime you like, you can send me an email or leave a comment on my posts. I really want to interact and help others and also find people who love doing this!

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