MAC Bullet Lipsticks : Red Edition (2019)


First of all due to the vast growing field of lipsticks, it is hard to just stick to one brand like MAC!

Gone are the days when we would pick up 7-8 lipsticks from one range which would last for the year!

The same has happened with me. In late 2000s I used rave and yearn to get a Mac lipstick but now not so much.

That’s also because I have saturated myself with all the shades of MAC lipsticks hence it becomes all the more difficult to buy new shades.

But I know not everyone may feel that way and many of you are yet to explore these beautiful lipsticks!

Mac Lipsticks in Chile, ruby woo and devoted to chili
My Most Loved REDS from MAC

Here’s a quick 5 point review for you to judge if these lipsticks are worth it or not !

Five Point Review of MAC RED LIPSTICKS

I would not have bought any new MAC lipstick had they not launched the POWDER MATTE RANGE!

Here’s a video of this beautiful shade! I feel this formula is just unique due to which it feels luxurious and this shade is universally flattering!

All these are my favourites and just to summarise I would like to say:

If you want an everyday shade that brightens your face get Powder Matte Devoted to Chilli!

For a more matte version of the same shade you can get Retro Matte Chilli !

If you are someone who loves nudes as a result of which have always stayed away from BOLDS, get RUBY WOO!

PS : Do use my links to get the products you like because it will help me earn a little and I’ll make sure you always get authentic products!

Also if you are interested in buying the mini versions of these please click below!

Happy Shopping!

2 thoughts on “MAC Bullet Lipsticks : Red Edition (2019)

  1. I have Maybelline Chilli Nude. Very close to these shades.. I love it! Can’t afford MAC yet but I totally get why you love these colours 😘

    1. Red is my all time favourite 😍 As Red πŸ’„always feels me refresh ❀️ And Ruby Woo by M.A.C. is one of my favourite 😍

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