Maybelline Dream Bright Creamy Concealer : Quick Fix on the GO!


The new most used makeup product is CONCEALER!

Doctor, Engineer, Lawyer, Student, Working Woman or Housewife, amidst all the various roles we take two things are for sure – the need to feel our best and lack of time!

Being a part of the majority I too am always on a hunt for products that make me feel the best yet save me some time!

As a result of this search was this product – Maybelline’s Dream Bright Creamy Concealer!

I have not seen a lot of bloggers/influencers talk about this product as a result of which these are not very popular and end up being on sale!

maybelline dream bright creamy concealer in shade 30,50,60
I took advantage of this sale and got three shades – to highlight, conceal and contour respectively!

Shade No. 30 is yellow based colour suited for light to medium skin tones.

On Medium skin, it will look better as a highlight.

Shade No. 50 is again a golden/yellow based colour, closest match for MAC NC 42.

For me this shade works best to conceal my dark circles and the pigmentation around my mouth.

I cannot use this shade all over my face for concealing as it is a bit darker then.

Shade No.60 is a Deep brown almost neutral but more on the warmer side.

I got this shade to use it as a quick contour.

This has by far been my favourite shade among all three because it is the colour that resembles the shadow on my face the most!

It is quick to apply and can be blended with my fingers as a result I get a contour in just few seconds!

So after using this for few weeks, here’s my 5 point review!

five point review of maybelline dream creamy concealer

The only con of this stick is that it doesn’t last for more than 5-6 hours.

But this too can be resolved by reapplying it as it reapplies well!

The texture is light and creamy and not waxy like other drug store concealers!

It does not exaggerate skin texture or pores, and can be used by almost all skin types.

So you should get this concealer if you are:

  • A beginner and just need to do basic make up!
  • Always in a rush and don’t want to use a lot of applicators
  • Travelling quite often and need a quick fix on the go

These concealers are almost always on sale on Amazon or Nykaa!

To conclude, I would definitely recommend these as quick fixes on the go!

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Thank you, Happy Shopping!

Do comment for any queries or suggestions!

8 thoughts on “Maybelline Dream Bright Creamy Concealer : Quick Fix on the GO!

  1. Honestly i never knew this product existed!! This seems to be so simple and easy to use. I am bad at concealing and have been on the hunt for a simple and easy to use one. Thanks for the crisp review.

  2. I’m thinking shade 60 i guess.
    But 50 might work to.
    Have been looking for a concealer and seems like an easy choice.

  3. Maybelline always come up with amazing and affordable beauty products 😍😍 I am totally in love with this concealer πŸ’•Thankyou for sharing these reviews πŸ’šπŸ’™

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