The Drama Mascara – Maybelline Falsies Push Up Drama



This mascara claims to give dramatic volume to the lashes along with a 45 degree lift to the lashes. It’s said to have a creamy formula that glides on to the lashes and gives an instant dramatic change.

Back Story

Whenever Maybelline launches a product, they go BIG! All of the influencers on every social media platform talk about it and give their take on it, which is really helpful until it comes to the point to decide the authenticity of the product.

Since all the initial reviews are sponsored it becomes really difficult to understand if the reviews are genuine or not.



So I am not a mascara person, I feel there are two types of people. Those who either love their mascara or those who love their  eyeliner. I belong to the second category.

On most days I just apply liner and walk out the door. But when I decide to play around with eyeshadow I need mascara. So I finally decided to invest in this one!


This mascara retails for Rs. 600/- and it’s available in two variants WATERPROOF and WASHABLE.


Why I decided to get this?

The main reason that attracted me to buy this was the brush. I personally do not prefer fibre brushes as they just ending clumping my lashes a lot!

The other reason was the history of maybelline making really good mascaras. Their mascara formulas have always been known as smudge-proof, not clumping and lash defining.



As you can see here the brush is made of plastic and the bristles are sized and placed in such a way that they grip the lashes perfectly.

These cup shaped bristles help in pushing up the lashes and do create an instant lift.

The formula is creamy so the mascara doesn’t dry out soon. It’s been few months since I’ve been using it and the formula is the same as day one.



Problems :

So technically this is not maybelline’s fault but the problem is with waterproof mascara.

Waterproof mascaras are known to give lashes a good lift but they can also cause irritation to the eye in people who are prone to allergy. I am one of them.

If I let the mascara touch my eyelid within 20-30 mins my eyelid starts watering and my eye gets irritated.


So the way around this is, that I go really close to the mirror and then look up and I placed the brush slightly away from the root of my lashes to avoid getting any mascara on my eyelids. I do this for both my upper and lower lashes.


But I know this is not the most feasible way for those who are allergic to mascara. If you are allergic i would suggest you get the ‘Washable’ version.

My Rating 4.5/5

( because as a mascara I love everything about it, intact it’s one of my most used mascara)

Would I repurchase this again?

No not this one, but I will try the washable variant !

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