Oil Replacement Therapy with Pantene

pantene oil replacement therapy
Can Oil really be replaced?

 Pantene says this can replace hair oil!

That’s a really strong claim but also a smart technique to get people to notice your product! So let’s see what does this product actually do! As you can see the advantages of this product are quite tempting, after all nowadays it’s really difficult to keep oil on your scalp for an hour before washing your hair.

Back Story

The reason I decided to buy this was the health of my scalp. Everyone just knows and believes that you are supposed to oil your scalp. Nobody ever questions this! But I had a different issue!

I was getting small boils on my scalp quite frequently. For many years I ignored them until one day the boil burst and it started bleeding. Being a second year medical student at that time helped and after researching in my books and asking my seniors I understood it was a condition called Folliculitis.

So how this relates to hair oil is that folliculitis can also be a non infectious form of Acne which kept recurring due to my pores clogging.

My pores kept clogging because of hair oil and my hair didn’t receive enough oxygen due to the pores being blocked.

Ever since I have understood that I just have stopped oiling my scalp!

My hair routine consists of :

  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Conditioning Mask
  • Serum
  • Heat Protectant Spray
  • Hair Vitamins

This combination works really well for me and I don’t think I needed anything else until,

I received a sample of this in the order I placed with Nykaa. Obviously the packaging intrigued me and I was compelled to try it out!

How to use it?

These are the steps they have mentioned officially

I almost use it similarly, the only difference is that I apply it on damp hair, I feel it gets evenly distributed that way.

What’s my verdict?

I like it, it’s good to reduce frizz and control thick hair. It helps in detangling the hair and thus makes the hair smoother. The smell is not too strong and it smells fresh.

Will it cause hair growth?

No, as a doctor I can tell you for sure that it will not grow your hair from the scalp. In fact unless the product is targeted specifically to do that only then will it cause growth. But I feel since it’s formula is lightweight it doesn’t clog the pores of the scalp and thus prevents hair fall! So that is good thing!

Would I repurchase this ?

The good thing is that it only a little amount is required, so it’s going to last for a long time and I’m pretty sure by the time I finish it. either Pantene or someone will come up with a better version to try. So if there is no new product to replace this, I would definitely buy it again!

My final rating : 4.5/5

If you want to get this product from Nykaa click here! To get it from Amazon click here!

For a quick short review you can check out my post on instagram!

Hair Care Essentials : Pantene Oil Replacement Leave In Conditioner. ₹150/- (Post 3/3) . . 💎The consistency is a mix of a conditioner and serum. 💎It doesn’t make hair greasy, but it will make it stiff if you don’t apply it at the right time, that is if you apply it on dry hair it will make it stiff as it will not spread and stay concentrated in one area. 💎If you apply it when you’ve just washed your hair it will spread evenly and provide a nice shine plus heat protection. 💎Being a doctor I know for sure that these products don’t cause hair growth or they don’t even prevent hair from breaking but they do protect the hair from damage by helping it detangle and by providing conditioning. . . . . #pantene #oilreplacement #leaveinconditioner #conditioner #haircare #goodhairday #indianhair #beautytips #indianbeautyblogger #howto #cosmetics #skincare #knowmore #hairtips #wednesdaywisdom #doctor #hairtreatment

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