Does your skin feel dry and irritated after you remove your makeup?

Do you get frequent acne and white heads if you apply make up constantly?


Don’t worry I’ve got you an alcohol free makeup remover that will remove the most toughest makeup and leave your skin feel soft, supple and refreshed!

I am talking about The Face Shop’s Eye and Lip Makeup Remover!

This korean beauty wonder is the best thing I have discovered! I tried so many other products from other brands, even purely skin care oriented brands, but the effects that I get from this, are really unparalleled!

So, what’s so amazing about this makeup remover?

  • Removes most stubborn makeup like waterproof makeup and liquid lipsticks.
  • It’s dermatologically tested so it’s suited for sensitive skin. (Trust me any product, if it’s authentically dermatologically tested, it will work wonders for your skin!)
  • Once you use it, you’ll notice that your acne marks will fade over the weeks and appearance of fine lines will reduce.

Rice Water has been used by asian people as a secret beauty enhancing ingriedient for many years. Rice water is full of vitamins, minerals and amino acids that help in the regeration of hair and skin. It’s anti-inflammatory properties helps, reducing the recurrrence of acne and reduces the redness due to the outbreak of acne. So, having this as a main ingredient in your makeup remover is the best thing that can happen to you.


Because all makeup products contain talc and parabens that are known to irritate and cause minor inflammation to the skin. For just one day it is not that harmful, but if it isnt removed properly then it will end up clogging up your pores and thus cause acne.


How to use it ?

If you want the qucikest, easy to understand summary check out my video here!

1. Shake the bottle properly and let the two layers mix.

2. Then pour few drops on a hand towel.

3. First place the hand towel on areas where you had applied makeup and the swipe it away!

That’s all you need to do! Your skin will end up feeling soft, supple and hydrated.

Using the hand towel helps in exfoliation, which will remove the dead cells and also it will save you from spending all that money on cotton pads or wipes.


So don’t wait up and click here to get this make up remover, also tag me @drcosmetique and let me know how it changes your skin!


My Rating : 5/5

Would I repurchase this?

Hell yeah! I have repurchased it three times (refer to topmost image) and this is after I started blogging, this product is dermatologically tested and doctor approved!


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